Canteen Vending

I can tell you that I know this helps! It worked for me and has helped us develop the team to a place where they are further along because we have an analysis to work from rather than working from actions and inactions as we go through daily operations. It has given us the opportunity to pro-actively manage portions of the professional development of our managers and that is just an “Easy Button” for us. I would recommend what we experienced with Renee as a day of investment for your organization.

~ Cindy Burns
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Renee kept the session focused and on-track, but never boring, as she interjected the room with her high energy and enthusiasm. Not only was Renee very effective in the large group setting, but also she skillfully led small groups to brainstorm and problem solve in a collaborative and productive way.

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American Cancer Society

Thank you! You have helped our employees see the need to work together and not in silos.

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American Greetings

I noticed immediate improvements in behavior and attitude that continue to this day. I think this exercise helped people to take a look at themselves through the eyes of their peers and identify bad behavior they did not even realize they were exhibiting.

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Shangri-La Hotel - Canada

I had the pleasure of participating in a LEGO strategic session that Renee was hired to lead, for the pre-opening management team of Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. Renee was able to identify our need to come together as one team and shift gears, in anticipation of our actual opening. She tailored the workshop to help all of us, being there to assist but in such a way that we, as a team, had to ultimately work side-by-side to strategize and make the decisions required to obtain effective results. A very fun and positive tool which I believe helped our team come together at a critical time. I would highly recommend Renee Shull and the LEGO workshop.

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Society for Technical Resources

Renee’s session was “Motivating Without Authority and participants engaged in the dynamic session interacting with LEGO bricks. The session was an enormous hit!

The presentation was awesome. I wish all the presentations were as interactive or as fun as this one”

“Wonderful and creative session. Very professional management of a HUGE audience. We all had a terrific time AND were introduced to a great approach to team building.”

I would highly recommend Renee for any conference event!
The evaluations from your presentation at our conference were extremely positive. You were among the most highly rated speakers.

~ Lloyd Tucker

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Bronson Hospital

In the course of life, including the business world, there are times when you get truly blessed by an individual. Renee Shull is one of those exceptional individuals. Her perception is keen, accurate and consistent. Her passion is genuine, focused and balanced. Her performance is positive, precise and sustainable.
The results Renee brings on every level is the reason I continue to contract her for projects where her expertise is essential for our success.
I recommend Renee without hesitation and with full confidence. You would do well to connect and interact with her; your increased success is waiting.

~Phil Hedgspeth

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Northwestern Michigan College

Renee presented to a group of nontraditional adult learners. Renee was highly effective in facilitating the activities to help these returning adults eliminate barriers, solve problems and think about their futures. This self-awareness tool was very effective for the students who talked about the hands-on approach that helped them focus on the tasks at hand. The students were enthusiastic about using LEGO bricks to accomplish the tasks.

~Charlene Lutes

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Roeper School

At our biannual diversity day Renee did an outstanding job of getting our students to open up with her LEGO training. We had a very diverse group of kids who chose this workshop and it was an easy way for everyone to be on the same level and communicate openly how they were feeling. This helped the teachers get a better understanding of their students and the ways they perceive the learning environment. Renee helped make this day a memorable experience for all involved.

~Michelle Stampler

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George Visger

Her ability to integrate new information to our website has earned her the nickname, Speedy. She has kept the Visger Group name in the public eye for concussion and TBI. She has a proven track record working with many former NFL players. Her tremendous knowledge not only of the business end, but also of the sport itself allows her to increase brand awareness.

I offer my most highest recommendation!

~George Visger

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Craig McEwen

Without Renee’s help I would not be where I am today! She has kept me on track and moving forward in my career transition.

~Craig McEwen

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Orson Mobley

Renee helped me transition and guided me through the maze of resume writing, interview questions and get me ready for the business world.

I appreciate everything you have done for my mom and I. You are truly an angel!

~Orson Mobley


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Michigan SHRM Conference

You are simply the BEST! Time after time you deliver a stellar product and you amaze me with everything you know and do.

You really did a super job with the media and changing rapidly to accommodate the changing needs of the conference.

You moved MISHRM into the 21st century and set the standard for future conferences to meet!

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Bill Holder

Renee has managed very difficult, high volume, issues in an extraordinarily professional manner. Her technical expertise is extensive and her persistence in pursuing assigned initiatives is remarkable. I would have Renee work for me again and would recommend her to others.

~Bill Holder

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Young Women Strong Leaders

Thank you for sharing your time, talent and experiences with the participants of Young Women Strong Leaders. You have made a lasting impact on the future of these women.

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Great presentation with LEGO Play. We really enjoyed your presentation and found the interaction interesting with the individuals in our group!

~Emily Turner

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Tony Collins

Renee is an asset to any athlete in career transition.

~Tony Collins

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Curt Mastos

In my 20 plus years providing services to people that were soon to be losing their employment, I have never met a more out-going and “take charge” human resource professional than Renee. She has gone way on and above to assist others in their transition.

~Curt Mastos

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Lenka Zintel

I had the great pleasure of working with Renee and her company while preparing a project for The LEGO Group. Renee has such a passion for supporting people and businesses in finding new ways of communicating, growing and embracing new directions. Her thorough understanding of people and business psychology combined with her warm and inspiring personality allows Renee to build relationships and trust very easily and thereby add an extra and extremely valuable dimension to her work as a management consultant and LEGO Serious Play Facilitator. Renee’s work facilitating innovation workshops with a very diverse group of LEGO fans and enthusiasts has brought an invaluable extra dimension to the project and has been an eye-opener for all participants. Personally, I value Renee as a sparring partner who challenges and inspires me equally. I can only give Renee my best recommendations.

~Lenka Zintel, LEGO

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Nick Clementi

Renee was a strong contributor to my senior management team in our group of companies at American Greetings.

Renee exhibited solid HR disciplines, properly administered the HR functions, presented herself professionally, managed the unionized environment in a respectful manner, and conducted herself in a way that positively added to the company and the management team.


Renee brought a smile to her work and satisfied her internal and external constituents.

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Innovate to Win project was facilitated by Renee using LEGO bricks. It was most fascinating to see the employees engage and communicate their ideas. They were fully involved in the process!

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Community Action Agency

Our All Agency meeting was a huge success! Your time was greatly appreciated and we’ve heard wonderful things about your presentation from our staff.

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