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When your company chooses CEI to provide recruiting services, our first and most important job is to understand the requirements of each position. We’ll work closely with your hiring manager to learn about your company’s culture, while seeking qualified applicants on job boards, social media, and through networking. As the resumes come in, we’ll review them, then conduct phone interviews to gauge the candidate’s interest and motivation. Once candidates are chosen for onsite interviews, we’ll handle the scheduling and follow up calibration.

Once the preferred candidate has been selected, we’ll make a contingent offer, work as liaison during negotiation, then create the formal offer letter. We can also help with onboarding, doing initial paperwork, and planning any required screenings.

Providing training is one of our most requested services. The most popular topics include: manager/supervisor training, professional and leadership development, management coaching, workplace violence, discrimination/harassment, record keeping and documentation, and team building. If you can think of it, we can probably train you on it. Using the LEGO Serious Play methodology to make sure your training is not boring.

We will establish a compensation strategy that’s in line with the goals, visions, and values of your company. An effective compensation program starts with detailed job descriptions. Once we review, revise, and implement detailed position descriptions, we are then in a position to provide assistance with other effective services. Some of these include consulting on design and implementation of a performance management process, reviewing and making recommendations on pay and pay grades and developing incentive programs tied to company goals.

No one enjoys conflict. But we’re equipped to handle any situation, calmly and with respect. We’ll always be discreet and we’ll listen, while emphasizing the conflict’s impact on the employee and the entire team.

We dislike the idea of termination as much as you do, but we’ll help put a plan in place for the inevitable. Before the situation reaches termination, we will have documented violations in writing, and given the employee the opportunity to improve. Once the decision is made to terminate, you will already have a good understanding of the law, so you can be brief, accurate and clear.


Fines for HR compliance issues can quickly add up and can devastate a business’s bottom line in no time. They can be especially dangerous for small and mid-sized businesses without experienced HR professionals on-staff. Luckily, you don’t need to hire a staff of HR professionals today. Give us a call!

Our HR Team

We believe the most important part of running a successful company is having a strong focus on employees. It’s about finding the right staff, paying them appropriately, offering the right benefits, making them feel safe, and following the countless regulations. Not because it’s an obligation, but because it’s the right thing to do. And helping you do the right thing is what drives us. We want your business to reap the benefits of our expertise and from that the benefits of putting people first.

We want your employees to trust you, embody your values and thrive in your company culture. We want your customers to feel the end result of an engaged and productive staff. And we want you to be able to focus on doing what you do best. So, while we’re in the business of human resources, when we really break our work down to its most basic form, it’s probably more accurate to say that we’re in the business of you.



When you’ve been around as long as we have, you’ve heard and dealt with nearly every possible scenario. But enough about us. You’re here because you have an immediate need for HR. Let’s talk. Call us, or fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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Renee has managed very difficult, high volume, issues in an extraordinarily professional manner. Her technical expertise is extensive and her persistence in pursuing assigned initiatives is remarkable.

I would have Renee work for me again and would recommend her to others.

Bill Holder - American Greetings
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Her ability to integrate new information to our website has earned her the nickname, Speedy. She has kept the Visger Group name in the public eye for concussion and TBI. She has a proven track record working with many former NFL players. Her tremendous knowledge not only of the business end, but also of the sport itself allows her to increase brand awareness.

I offer my most highest recommendation!

George Visger , Former NFL Player
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I had the pleasure of participating in a LEGO strategic session that Renee was hired to lead, for the pre-opening management team of Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. Renee was able to identify our need to come together as one team and shift gears, in anticipation of our actual opening. She tailored the workshop to help all of us, being there to assist but in such a way that we, as a team, had to ultimately work side-by-side to strategize and make the decisions required to obtain effective results. A very fun and positive tool which I believe helped our team come together at a critical time.

I would highly recommend Renee Shull and the LEGO workshop.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Canada, Shangri-la Hotel & Resorts Canada
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Renee was a strong contributor to my senior management team in our group of companies at American Greetings.

Renee exhibited solid HR disciplines, properly administered the HR functions, presented herself professionally, managed the unionized environment in a respectful manner, and conducted herself in a way that positively added to the company and the management team.

Renee brought a smile to her work and satisfied her internal and external constituents.

Nick Clementi, The Peakstone Group
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In my 20 plus years providing services to people that were soon to be losing their employment, I have never met a more out-going and “take charge” human resource professional than Renee.

She has gone way on and above to assist others in their transition.

Curt Mastos, Michigan Works
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“I can tell you that I know this helps! It worked for me and has helped us develop the team to a place where they are further along because we have an analysis to work from rather than working from actions and inactions as we go through daily operations. It has given us the opportunity to pro-actively manage portions of the professional development of our managers and that is just an “Easy Button” for us.

I would recommend what we experienced with Renee as a day of investment for your organization.”

Cindy Burns, Canteen Vending
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Renee kept the session focused and on-track, but never boring, as she interjected the room with her high energy and enthusiasm. Not only was Renee very effective in the large group setting, but also she skillfully led small groups to brainstorm and problem solve in a collaborative and productive way.

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Renee helped me transition and guided me through the maze of resume writing, interview questions and get me ready for the business world.

I appreciate everything you have done for my mom and I. You are truly an angel!

Orson Mobley
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You are simply the BEST! Time after time you deliver a stellar product and you amaze me with everything you know and do.

You really did a super job with the media and changing rapidly to accommodate the changing needs of the conference.

You moved MISHRM into the 21st century and set the standard for future conferences to meet!

MI SHRM, Your Content Goes Here

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